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Effect of a Computer-Delivered Math Fact Intervention as a Supplemental Intervention for Math in Third and Fourth Grades

Matthew K. Burns; Rebecca Kanive; Megan DeGrande

(Profiled Author: Matthew K Burns)

Remedial and Special Education. 2012;33(3):184-191.


The current study reviews a computer-based math fluency intervention with 216 third- and fourth-grade students who were at risk for math difficulties. The intervention used a computer software program to practice math facts an average of three times per week for 8 to 15 weeks. Data were compared to those of 226 students in a control group. Results indicated that students who participated in the intervention had significantly larger gains on their math scores than those in the control group, and students with severe math problems (at or below the 15th percentile) grew at a rate that was equal to that of students with a pretest score that was between the 15th and 25th percentiles. Moreover, significantly fewer students remained at risk for math failure in the intervention group after participating in the intervention. These data suggest that the computer-based intervention was a useful supplemental math intervention. Suggestions for future research are provided. © 2012 Hammill Institute on Disabilities.

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